Friends of the Domes

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The Mitchell Park Conservatory, known affectionately to generations of Milwaukee and Wisconsin residents as, "Mitchell Park Domes," is a world class horticultural adventure right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   welcomes individuals and families for a beauty filled day out in Milwaukee.


There's always something new at The Domes. From water conserving plants and trees of the Arid Dome to the a wonderland of over 1200 tropical plant species of the Tropical Dome to the most wonderful themed floral displays of the Show Dome, the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory Domes are more than a place to visit: the Domes are a place to be.


The Mitchell Park Conservatory are a treasure that The Friends of the Domes intends to preserve for generations of Milwaukee and Wisconsin residents to enjoy and draw wonder from going forward forever.


The Grand Reopening was spectacular attended by hundreds on November 5, 2008. 


The Mitchell Park Conservatory new look features neon halo rings above each of the Domes giving them a greater presence in the twilight Milwaukee skyline and making the Mitchell Park Conservatory easier to see from I-94 and the Miller Valley. This new higher profile exterior presence is symbolic for the Friends of the Dome as the beginning of a new era of a more dynamic higher energy level for The Mitchell Park Conservatory. The Friends intend to make the Mitchell Park Conservatory upgrade the beginning of a brighter future for The Domes. The Friends would love for you to be a part of the Mitchell Park Conservatory


The Domes, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are the world's only conoidal glass houses. The three Domes are home to flowers and plants from tropical and arid locations around the world. Amazingly, the architecturally unique structures are filled with plants and animals from different climates. Each Dome is almost half a football field wide, by seven stories tall. Twenty wildlife species including tropical finches, lizards, frogs, toads, fish, and turtles call the Domes their home.


Five times each year,the beautiful Show Dome has elaborately planned seasonal floral displays. In the Tropical Dome, you will experience 1,200 species of tropical plants. The Desert Dome represents the deserts of the world with plants grouped by geographic locations.


The Friends of the Domes is a support group whose purpose is to enhance projects and programs in Milwaukee's Mitchell Park Horicultural Conservatory. Come visit us at the Domes today!