Dismas Ministry

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Dismas Ministry is a Catholic Outreach among inmates and all those affected by crime. Dismas Ministry serves the incarcerated by supplying the free scripture and faith materials needed to rebuild lives on a solid spiritual footing. It strives for restorative justice through projects that foster he spiritual transformation of inmates, which in turn has a positive effect on everyone affected by crime - offenders, victims, their families and the community.


dismas logoDismas Ministry's Logo
shows the cross of Christ and 
the cross of the repentant criminal are side by side. This national Catholic outreach among inmates and those affected by crime is named after one of the people executed with Jesus on Calvary. In that final hour DISMAS took stock of his life and turned to Jesus for mercy: "Jesus, remember me when you enter your kingdom Luke 23:42." In the way that was typical of his ministry, Jesus turned to him and said:"This day you will be with me in paradise Luke 23:43."


The ultimate goal of DISMAS MINISTRY is to re-establish and strengthen the relationship of the Body of Christ with victims and those in prison. Many will use their time behind bars to reassess their lives, and with God's help, make amends for the way that they have victimized others. As fellow Catholics, we can walk with them on the way to encountering God in his Word, doing whatever we can to support this spiritual transformation.