Guest House of Milwaukee

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The Guest House of Milwaukee, Inc. provides shelter, housing, education and services to Milwaukee’s homeless who seek to transform their lives with dignity and purpose. The Guest House is most commonly known as a homeless shelter for men, but it has grown to be much more. It does provide emergency shelter for 86 individuals each night of the year; the shelter is always full with a constant waiting list. However, the Guest House also focuses on the education, training, case management and treatment aspects associated with eradicating homelessness - not only for the men it serves, but in addition, the men and women served through its 270 scattered-site permanent housing units.


Emergency Shelter:
Men usually come to the Guest House simply seeking a warm, safe place to sleep. The emergency shelter meets this need and provides meals, hygiene supplies and facilities, storage for belongings, and a mail and message service. If needed, a guest will also be offered immediate access to substance abuse treatment. Stays in the emergency shelter are generally limited to 60 days.


Transitional Housing Program:
The Guest House provides the opportunity for every man who enters its emergency shelter to make a commitment to fully addressing the problems that led to his homelessness. It is our goal that every man who participates in the transitional housing program departs with independence—meaning permanent housing and self-sustaining income.


Permanent Housing Programs:

The Guest House operates 270 units of scattered-site permanent housing for people who are homeless, many with disabilities. Participants have very significant barriers to independence and require long-term support to maintain an apartment in the community. In 2010, 94% of permanent housing program participants maintained their supportive housing or successfully moved into independent, unsubsidized housing.